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Zoom Cheese Grotto Best Wisconsin Cheese.
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Zoom Cheese Grotto Best Wisconsin Cheese. Pleasant Ridge Reserve.

Uplands Cheese | Pleasant Ridge Reserve

Uplands Cheese Company makes some of the most beautiful American cheeses to date. Pleasant Ridge Reserve is a Beaufort-style cheese made solely with summer milk from their pasture-grazed cows.

Order by Thursday to ship Monday every week.

Uplands Cheese | Pleasant Ridge Reserve


Long Description

Uplands Cheese Company makes some of the most beautiful American cheeses to date. Based in Dodgeville, Wisconsin, their impressively small team goes through amazing feats of milking their cows seasonally and perfecting two cheeses, Pleasant Ridge Reserve and seasonal Rush Creek Reserve, only available on our site from late Fall through early Winter.

Today, you can order Pleasant Ridge, available to ship every Monday. Pleasant Ridge Reserve is modeled after the French Beaufort, but it is it's own form of delicious. Made solely with lush, fresh summer grasses the milk is sweet and grassy, making for a powerfully complex and nuanced cheese with an aroma of bread and light-bodied honey, tasting of buttery hazelnut and cremini mushrooms, and delicate protein crystals in the texture.

We'll include literature on storing, serving, and pairing the cheese.

The two different-sized wedges available (1.25 lbs and 2.5 lbs) fit in the Cheese Grotto Classico and the Cheese Grotto Fresco and will keep for two months if well-maintained.


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About the Producer

Uplands Cheese Company

Serving Suggestions

Pair Pleasant Ridge Reserve with a fruit-forward cabernet sauvignon, pear and apple slices, rosemary herb bread, and dried cranberries. For dessert, pair with a sweet dessert wine and chocolate covered cherries.


Location: Dodgeville, Wisconsin
Rennet Type: Animal
Farmstead/Specialty/Artisan: Farmstead
Age: 7-14 months
Milk: Raw Cow Milk

The Cheese Grotto is fantastic - it keeps my blocks of cheese fresher for longer periods of time, unwrapped in all their glory.

CK, Cheese Grotto Classico Owner

It really does extend the life of cheese over time. Aside from the functionality, the Cheese Grotto looks great and is easy to maintain.

Allan, Cheese Grotto Fresco Owner

The Cheese Grotto is a must have for anyone who loves cheese. Looks stunning and keeps all of your cheeses in perfect condition.

Michael, Cheese Grotto Mezzo Owner
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