Monthly Artisan Cheese & Pairings Subscription Box

Monthly Artisan Cheese & Pairings Subscription Box

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Explore dozens of combinations of American artisan cheeses and accompaniments, expertly paired by our resident cheesemongers to your preferences. 

  • The Subscription is Available in Three Sizes:

    -The Solo Package: One Cheese (6 to 8oz) plus One Rotating Accompaniment & Crackers

    -The Duo Package: Two Cheeses (1 pound total) plus Two Rotating Accompaniments & Crackers

    -The Trio Package: Three Cheeses (1.5 pounds total) plus Three Rotating Accompaniments & Crackers 
  • Includes Digital Literature on Storing, Serving, and Pairing the Cheese
  • Cheese & Accompaniments ship on a monthly cycle on Mondays and Tuesdays. To be included in the following week's shipment, place your order by the Friday prior. 
  • $35 Summer Express Flat Rate Shipping (May-September), $20 Express Flat Rate the Rest of the Year

Logistics of the Subscription

  • As soon as you subscribe, we'll follow up with a quick survey via email to guarantee you receive cheese and accompaniments you will love each and every month. You'll also be able to specify a vegetarian, gluten free, or nut free selection options for your subscription.
  • There is the ability to adjust ship date any time via your Cheese Grotto account.  You can also email us at for special requests, given 2 business days notice.
  • This is a Recurring Monthly Subscription that will continue unless otherwise canceled
  • Your card will be charged the week before the order is shipped
  • Option to modify or cancel any time


We've curated a number of monthly cheese subscriptions, so you can continue to be delighted year-round with unique, and interesting American artisan cheeses. This option includes a selection of monger-selected cheese(s) with accompaniment(s) and crackers. Complete with literature on storing, serving, and pairing, each selection will highlight American artisanal cheesemakers. Our mission is to have you discover new cheeses and cheesemakers, give you a sense of American terroir, and provide education that lasts throughout the month with cheeses that will last for weeks when stored properly in your Grotto.

The cheese selection fits well in any Grotto model

Artisan Cheesemakers 

Artisan Cheese - According to the American Cheese Society, "artisan or artisanal implies that a cheese is produced primarily by hand, in small batches, with particular attention paid to the tradition of the cheesemaker’s art, and thus using as little mechanization as possible in the production of the cheese."

Over the past decade, the American Artisan cheese industry has been recognized internationally for its quality and integrity.  Small to medium-scale artisan cheesemakers have a core set of values - high-quality milk makes incredible cheese, and high quality land and animal management makes for incredible milk.  In our current industrial agriculture system, committing to these core values requires long hours of hard work and an acute attention to detail.

This monthly subscription directly supports American Artisan Cheesemakers, and the continual diversification of our food system.  

Cheese Styles Included

Bloomy Rind, Washed Rind, Natural Rind, Waxed Rind, Blue Cheese, Cow Cheese, Sheep Cheese, Goat Cheese

Artisan Pairings & Accompaniments Included

Cured Meats, Pâtés, Pickles, Jams, Chutneys, Olives, Honey, Mustards, Nuts, Chocolate, Crackers, Flatbreads

Regions Included

California, New York, Wisconsin, Virginia, Vermont, Ohio, Minnesota, Maryland, Indiana, and More

Literature Included

Storing, tasting, and pairing literature included with each shipment.  Tasting notes journal provided digitally with purchase.


Orders ship via Express Shipping. A $20 to $35 Shipping Charge Will Be Added to Each Shipment, depending on summer heat and the need for Overnight vs. Two Day!

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